Clos Charmant Centre for Arts and Culture, Brittany

Screen Printing Workshop by Sara Fernee at Clos Charmant Centre for Arts and Culture, Brittany.

Screen Printing Workshop by Sara Fernee at Clos Charmant Centre for Arts and Culture, Brittany.

Aims of Clos Charmant

  • To provide a space for professional artists to generate work

  • To provide opportunity for creative people to share skills

  • To be a place to come to in order to learn new skills through courses and workshops

  • To be an inspiring environment; through drawing on the natural beauty of the surroundings, functioning sustainably and showcasing the work of artists and makers (both outside and in our exhibition space)

  • To function as a self-sustaining, not- for-profit organisation

  • To be an accessible and diverse creative community

The Centre is reliant on the interest of others (artists, makers, performers, environmentalists, teachers and learners); it will provide sanctuary, inspiration and skills based knowledge for those that invest time and energy into it.

Central to Clos Charmant is a philosophy of sustainability, collaboration and professionalism. We take the Arts seriously and understand the value of networking and exchange in contemporary art practice. We anticipate that is going to evolve over time, growing to suit the needs of its community.


The People Behind Clos Charmant

Brian Fernee and Sara Fernee (father and daughter) are Co-Directors of Clos Charmant; overseeing all aspects of the project.

Brian Fernee is a practicing artist working in a varied media including photography, ceramics, screen printing, collage and web based multimedia. With a BA in Graphic Information Design from  Middlesex University, Brian did an MA in Multimedia at Bath Spa University.

Brian bought the property as a home and with the collaborative vision of Clos Charmant in mind in 2002; Brian has been developing his own work and establishing a network of artists in France since then.  Having lived in France previously and run a successful screen printing business in the Ardeche, he is bilingual and keen to see an international community thrive at Clos Charmont. Brian has specific skills in web design, animation, screen printing and pottery that he can bring to the Centre, as well as being a keen gardener and successful entrepreneur.

Sara Fernee is a practicing artist and qualified teacher who makes work which includes prints, collage, site specific installations, film, furniture and sculpture. Sara graduated from the BA Fine Art Sculpture course at Brighton University in 2005 and has since then been making work, running workshops and collaborating with other artists. Sara is passionate about the value of sharing skills and ideas; feeling that creativity is all the richer for doing so. 

Whilst living in Melbourne Sara saw different models for combining art practice, teaching, exhibiting and networking that were to become the basis for the vision of Clos Charmant. As an artist and teacher, Sara has an established network of creative professionals in UK who she would like to involve in making Clos Charmant a reality. She has specific skills in 3D construction, Print Making, Photography, Carpentry as well as a range of experience installing exhibitions, through  working as a visual arts technician and gallery assistant. Sara has coordinated projects and arts based initiatives throughout her career.