An artist collective established in 2009 by Sara Fernee. Room for Imagination specialises in installations, public art works and creative workshops. It was created with the intention of pooling the skills of artists/makers in order to take on ambitious work in the public realm; including commisions, events and site specific pieces. Collaboration and creative exploration are essential ingredients of Room for Imagination. This ethos has extended to their workshops, where people are encouraged to share ideas and skills, and given opportunities to extend and interpret projects freely.

Bike Wheel Dome Shelter and Handmade Chair - Room for Imagination 2010

Bike Wheel Dome Shelter and Handmade Chair - Room for Imagination 2010

Aviary in a Yurt at Small World Festival 2012


Crowd Sculptures at Womad 2012


Artists and Crew for Room for Imaginatio

Sara Ferne  (Project Manager and Coordinator)

Daimien Jud

Summer Makepeac

Christine Hammon

bbie Smith

Graham Hunte

Elly Strigne

Nick Sayer

Tamsin William

Anya Jone

Laura Holmwoo

Nichola Fe

Genevieve Collie

Eve Dainauskaite

Mad Hatter Workshops

Mad Hatter Workshops

Mad Hatter Workshops

Above is a gallery of the Mad Hatter Workshops that we have run at festivals such as Small World, Playgroup and Wilderness Festival over the past two years. We have found these workshops are extremely poplular with both adult and children festival goers! We teach people the basic construction, give them lots of choice re materials and then let them run with it... Some people take half an hour, others take hours over them and keep coming back! As workshop leaders, we get into character; donning a new hat for each session. As you can see, we have our very own resident Mad Hatter.

The Floating Shed Project

Sara Fernee and Elly Strigner conceived the Floating Shed Project in preparation for Womad Festival  2013.

The Floating Shed is an evolving project and ongoing story, and will incorporate some animation and projection this year. Our workshops spark the imagination and encourage children go on creative adventures through storytelling, drawing, animation and making.

'The floating shed was curious. So curious, that one day, because he couldn't see over the garden wall, he floated.. up, up and away...'

We were delighted with the responses we got at Womad and are working on improving and refining his structure so that visitors (big and small) can continue to engage in the Floating Shed's story and explore inside to make discoveries about the all places he has travelled to.

Our aim is to develop this project so that it can tour from place to place and gather stories along the way. It will make links between children in different locations and can be used in educational settings as well as at public events.